Sunday, 5 April 2015

ProActiv+ 20 Day Update.

Now I want to be 100% honest with everyone reading this. The second 10 days of ProActiv+ was not as good as the first 10.

It was all going great until day 13 when I broke out really bad on my chin, literally in agony with sore pin prick spots all on my chin and jaw. Really disappointed because it's now day 20 and it's not going away.

My mum says it's probably working deep cleansing my skin pulling all the bad stuff clogged in my pores and bringing it to the surface. I am going to continue it and hope that this is the case.  I'm so disappointed in this section of my 30 days which is why it isn't as thorough as my previous posts. Spent most of my time stressing about my spots.

I'll be back in 10 days with my final review of ProActiv+

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