Sunday, 29 March 2015

Nolita Cantina Liverpool

NolIta Cantina is a little hidden treasure buried in the midst of Bold Street in Liverpool City Centre. It's menu consists of American Classics which are becoming popular throughout the UK. Here's what NolIta Cantina's Mission Statement is:

"NoLIta Cantina is an independent restaurant & bar situated on Liverpool's bustling Bold Street born out of the mutual passion of two chefs looking to satisfy their appreciation and longing for traditional, homemade American style food."

NolIta Cantina is one of the best little burger places we've ever tried. We went for my birthday and it was a real treat with Chicken Wings and Corn Dogs for starters. The wings were absolutely massive and so delicious, with a Dr Pepper sauce. I'm very critical when it comes to Corn Dogs and these were absolutely amazing, perfect with mustard and ketchup!

The real winners of the whole meal were the amazing burgers! They really are a spectacle to be seen, perfectly formed. I got a pulled pork burger which was lettuce, burger, cheese, pulled pork, Dr Pepper BBQ sauce and 'slaw! It was perfect and cost £11. Lee got a "Big Boy" Burger which was absolutely massive, I have no idea how he finished it with 3 burgers, bacon, cheese, onion rings, more cheese, 'slaw, hash browns and pickles. A LOT OF FOOD! This cost £15. These burgers came with mixed fries - Regular and Sweet Potato, which to be honest was a lovely touch because who doesn't love sweet potatoes. 

NolIta Cantina, besides from the food, has a fantastic atmosphere. The servers were all really friendly there seemed like a great chemistry between the staff and kitchen staff. The place itself is really small and does get packed but from the food and the service you can understand why. This little restaurant definitely holds its own when it comes to being a top notch place to eat. 

I'd highly recommend this to any one who loves American food and has a thing for burgers. 

NolIta Cantina

81a Bold Street
L1 4HF
0151 708 5061

Opening Hours
Monday 3pm-9pm
Tues-sat 12pm-10pm
Sun 1pm-9pm
*All my own and honest opinion*
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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pro Activ+ First 10 Days

I've been trying Pro Activ+'s 3 Step System for 10 days now and this is my first update. I've been updating the below every couple of days to tell you my progress. If you missed my first post you can catch up: here.

Day 3: 

After using Pro Activ for 3 days I haven't noticed a massive difference in the appearance of my skin. I am still quite red and blotchy but it's only day 3. The feel of my skin is a completely different story, my skin feels really soft and not as dry as it was but there's still small patches of dry skin by my eyebrows and round my nose. I can feel it getting there.

Day 5: 

I am definitely starting to feel the difference. My skin is starting to look a little less red and blotchy but I feel a lot fresher. I think now after using it for 5 days my favourite product out of the 3 step system is the Pore Targeting Treatment Facial Cream, I've been using this product by putting it on cotton pads and sweeping across my face. The amount of dirt and grime it's lifted from my pores has been amazing.

Day 7: 

Been using Pro Activ+ Daily 2 times a day morning and night for a week now and I'm starting to feel a lot more confident in my skin. There's hardly any red blotchy patches anymore and I haven't had any spots break out since I started. My skin feels soft and smooth with no dry patches anywhere. I really hope this lasts. Used the mask for the first time and it's good it felt like my skin went through a deep cleanse.

Day 10:

After using it for 10 days I am loving Pro Activ+ but I've still got a few imperfections I hope will clear up with my further use of the 3 Step System. So far I would recommend this to anyone who has uneven spot prone skin.
Happy with my progress!
My next update will be posted on the 5th April.

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Tassimo Vivy

This is the kitchen gadget I now cannot live without. The Tassimo Vivy (T12) was bought from Curry's on offer but is available to buy for £44.50. I have the White model but it is also available in Black.

I have a bad caffeine habit, I used to spend about £15 a week in Costa just on Gingerbread Latte's. This Tassimo has really helped my bank balance because a pack of 8 Latte T-Discs is only £4 - £5 and can be bought in bulk in Costco. I bought 5 packs in bulk in Costco for £20 which has been amazing.

The art of the Tassimo is that you put cold water in the tank and the T-Disc's have barcodes on which are scanned by the machine so the machine knows exactly how much water to pump through and the size of the cup suited to that drink.

The drinks take less than 3 minutes to prepare. Which is great if you need to grab a caffeine boost on the go. I got a thermal takeaway cup from Paperchase and I prepare my drink while I'm getting ready for work and it's still nice and hot for when I get in my office.

I favour the Latte's, I have tried the Hot Chocolate's but nothing really compares to my own. You put the milk disc in first and it comes out boiling hot and lovely and frothy (just like in Costa) and then you put in the Coffee Pod and then VOILA! a perfectly formed Latte! To top my Latte's off I like to add a splash of my favourite syrups usually either Vanilla or Gingerbread depending on my mood.

The Tassimo Vivy (T12) is the perfect machine for those who love coffee who don't have room for a big fancy coffee maker. Ideal for couples, students and on the goers. Affordable, easy to store and easy to use.

Tassimo T-Disc's can be purchased on the Tassimo Website in Costco in bulk and most major supermarkets. There's a vast range of beverages available suchs as Tea's, Coffee's and Hot Chocolates in such brands as Twinings, Costa, Cadbury's, Kenco and more. The T-Disc's cost between £3 and £6 per pack depending on the product.

If you're interested in Monin Syrups they can be bought on Amazon and in Major Supermarkets. Monin Syrups come in a vast range of flavours and can be the perfect accompaniment to any hot beverage.

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The Wet Brush

I've been a fan of The Wet Brush for over a year now. I got sent one the other week because I lost my other one that I reviewed on my old blog but I want to write about this new one here. This new brush is a bit different compared to my last brush. The first noticeable difference is the color, this metallic pink is a lovely colour and really girly which I love. I feel like the handle has been made a little wider which is a pro because it makes it easier to grip.

The Wet Brush is an amazing hairbrush with Intelliflex Bristles and Soft Tips for gentle styling.

The bristles are amazing especially if you're prone to tangled hair like I am. The are thin,strong and flexible which gently work their way through hair. Whether wet or dry, these bristles can work their way through the most stubborn of tangles without pulling or hurting your head which is why I do recommend these brushes for people with little ones who love swimming. This is the perfect brush for holidays.

The soft tips help aide the prevention of hair loss and I notice that they really massage the scalp. I could literally sit and brush my hair for hours with this brush because I love the way it treats my scalp. It is exactly what it says "Gentle Styling". It's so lovely to use and I think it would be an ideal brush for anyone with a sensitive scalp prone to head soreness.

With The Wet Brush boasting no tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping, I can personally tell you that all these promises are upheld in this brush. Until the opportunity arose to review this metallic pink brush I would have happily bought another because it's an amazing brush and even if this brush would have cost me a lot I wouldn't care because of how great it is, the fact it's not going to break the bank is just another positive for this fantastic product.

This product is one of the strongest competitors for the well known "Tangle Teezer".

The Wet Brush can be bought online at Sally Express for £8.99 available in Pink and Purple. The Wet Brush can also be bought on Amazon where it is available in a range of colours and styles which includes The Selfie Brush which I really want to try out.

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

ProActiv+ 30 Day Challenge.

I am doing the ProActiv+ 30 Day Challenge. I was kindly sent a sample pack of ProActiv+ 3 Step System for Spot Prone Skin. I am putting it to the test as I have been having problem skin for a few months now and nothing seems to be helping. I will be posting 10 day updates to see my progress over the next 30 days. Below is my before picture (apologies about my face and my eyebrows, I'm growing them out to get them waxed).

I've been getting spots round my chin and jawline. I've been getting spots in or around my eyebrows. I have been getting blemishes on my cheeks and around my nose.

In the 3 Step System there is:

Step 1: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator Facial Cleanser
Step 2: Pore Targeting Treatment Facial Cream
Step 3: Complexion Perfecting Hydrator Facial Moisturiser
Extras: Skin Purifying Mask

At first glance: 

The box the 3 Step System has came in matches the brand perfectly. From my knowledge of ProActiv+ is that it's a system which has been endorsed by multiple celebs, most recently Nicole Scherzinger, It's meant to help clear up your skin and keep it looking clean and clear. The packaging is really simple which is what I want out of skincare, nothing too fancy. Looking at the back of the boxes I can see the active ingredient is Salicylic Acid which is renowned for clearing skin but I've also heard it can dry your skin up a bit. I am hoping this won't be the case with this.


I will be using this daily, twice a day for 30 days. I will be using the mask 2 times a week. I will be giving my first update on the 26th March and then again on the 5th April and then my final update on the 15th April.

So I will be back on the 26th with my first update.

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Fragrance of the Week - Hugo Boss Women

This week I got sent the new improved Hugo Boss Eau De Parfum for Women to try. Here's my honest review.

About the product: 
Hugo Boss released this fragrance on the 28th January 2015. This fragrance was aimed at all women who have the HUGO attitude. "This spring HUGO introduces a new fragrance for women who live the HUGO attitude: passionate, bold and always at the forefront of a new, empowered generation that does things in its way and lives up to the motto ‘invent yourself". It's a scent which moulds itself to the individual wearing it, creating a unique scent for every woman who wears it. I really love this way of believing and thinking, I'm a strong powerful woman and I want a scent that lives up to that. Hugo Boss for women promises this so let's look at it in more detail.

Look and Feel: 
The packaging is classic Hugo Boss, it's simple yet bold. The red box is definitely an eye-drawer with the outline of the bottle. If I seen it on a shelf I wouldn't overlook it. The bottle itself is simple yet classy, It's round design is again simple but it makes a statement with red round the edge. I'd be happy with this sitting on my dressing table.

This fragrance boasts "An unconventional blend of rich floral and daring fruity notes with an aromatic twist". Top notes of Boysenberry and Himalayan Red Grass, Heart Notes of Black Tea and Jasmin, Base Notes of Amber. In my opinion the fruity notes come through more than the floral ones for me which is a major positive for this fragrance. It's not harsh or overpowering but the smell lingers pleasantly.

This fragrance can stay active all day without having to spray again. I put this to the test by spraying it early morning on a Saturday when I knew I was going to be out and about doing stuff and by 5pm the scent was still there.

The 50ml Bottle which I received retails for £45 and can be found in Boots, Debenhams and Major Department Stores and Fragrance Stores. The price is excellent for the product you're getting. For a product with this amount of punch I would pay a lot more.

I really do love this perfume, it's going to become my new day to day perfume because it's just so pleasant to wear and doesn't lose it's impact as the day goes on. On the Saturday that I wore it my sister even said that she loved the smell and that's a mega compliment because my sister is very choosy when it comes to perfumes. This is a fragrance that I can share with my mum and sisters because it's ageless, some smells I feel are more mature or more young, this one suits the needs of all ages.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015


I have always had an obsession with matching pyjama's. It's like there is no better feeling than having a nice hot bath and getting into new, fresh matching PJ's.

I have this habit of when I get a new pair of PJ's I love taking a picture of them. I'm going to try and make this a thing. Everytime I've got a new set of sleepwear in the last couple of months I have been taking a picture and posting to social media with the #PJselfie. I'd love to start a thing so if any of the people reading this love new PJ's the way I do then let's get this going. Below are some of my #PJSelfie's

Fave Princess #PJSelfie


Moomins #PJSelfie

I Wish I Was a Unicorn Pug #PJSelfie

 Now's your turn! Post your fave PJ's on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #PJSelfie

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