Sunday, 29 March 2015

Nolita Cantina Liverpool

NolIta Cantina is a little hidden treasure buried in the midst of Bold Street in Liverpool City Centre. It's menu consists of American Classics which are becoming popular throughout the UK. Here's what NolIta Cantina's Mission Statement is:

"NoLIta Cantina is an independent restaurant & bar situated on Liverpool's bustling Bold Street born out of the mutual passion of two chefs looking to satisfy their appreciation and longing for traditional, homemade American style food."

NolIta Cantina is one of the best little burger places we've ever tried. We went for my birthday and it was a real treat with Chicken Wings and Corn Dogs for starters. The wings were absolutely massive and so delicious, with a Dr Pepper sauce. I'm very critical when it comes to Corn Dogs and these were absolutely amazing, perfect with mustard and ketchup!

The real winners of the whole meal were the amazing burgers! They really are a spectacle to be seen, perfectly formed. I got a pulled pork burger which was lettuce, burger, cheese, pulled pork, Dr Pepper BBQ sauce and 'slaw! It was perfect and cost £11. Lee got a "Big Boy" Burger which was absolutely massive, I have no idea how he finished it with 3 burgers, bacon, cheese, onion rings, more cheese, 'slaw, hash browns and pickles. A LOT OF FOOD! This cost £15. These burgers came with mixed fries - Regular and Sweet Potato, which to be honest was a lovely touch because who doesn't love sweet potatoes. 

NolIta Cantina, besides from the food, has a fantastic atmosphere. The servers were all really friendly there seemed like a great chemistry between the staff and kitchen staff. The place itself is really small and does get packed but from the food and the service you can understand why. This little restaurant definitely holds its own when it comes to being a top notch place to eat. 

I'd highly recommend this to any one who loves American food and has a thing for burgers. 

NolIta Cantina

81a Bold Street
L1 4HF
0151 708 5061

Opening Hours
Monday 3pm-9pm
Tues-sat 12pm-10pm
Sun 1pm-9pm
*All my own and honest opinion*
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  1. Those fries look really awesome to be fair, I don't live in Liverpool but if I did I would take a visit! :D

  2. I pop over to Liverpool every now and then but I usually hang out around the docks. The food looks and sounds absolutely delicious!