Sunday, 5 April 2015

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival

Today I went to my first ever food and drink festival. My sister and brother-in-law rave about the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival every year and this year I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

To start with we got there early and got our tickets and goody bags. Tickets cost £5 and the contents of the goody bag were - Vimto Extra Concentrate Juice, Typhoo Tea Bags, Popchips, Bear Alphabite Cereal and some Kheils and Carmex samples.

Inside the atmosphere was amazing, food lovers all together. It's something that just seems magical. I loved it all (even if it was a bit muddy) the smells, the sounds and the way everyone was just in the best mood.

Our first stop was Street Dawg Co. for a hot dog with crispy onions with ketchup and mustard. I was starving but this was literally my favourite food of the day. All I've wanted for ages is a hot dog and even though so simple it was perfect! Tasted amazing, perfectly juicy and yummy all at the same time. We scoffed this so quick we were starved!!

We then went on to have a Waffle on a stick, probs the most unique of all the foods we ate today. They were made by Poffertjes King who also make little dutch pancakes. Our waffles were smothered in Nutella and covered with sprinkles. It was a little piece of heaven on a stick!

We were alternating with savoury and sweet. Me and Lee LOVE MEAT!! Like proper LOVE it! We seen a place that was smoking meats! Gaucho BBQ was smoking Rib Eye Beef and BBQ Lamb, they were very forthcoming with the samples, so natually we decided to get some treats from them. My sister got a Lamb Burger with a Garlic Conserve and we got a Rib Eye Steak burger it was so good, absolutely delicious. Probably the most tender meat I've ever tasted. I'm so gutted Gaucho is in Devon otherwise I'd be there!

Churros Susanna! was our next stop. I don't usually like churros but these were delicious! The hot dipping chocolate was the perfect combination of bitter and sweetness. The only critique I had was that there wasn't enough cinnamon on them.

Our final stop for the eating portion of our day was the Oh So British Kitchen for a Pork Belly burger. I wasn't overly impressed with it but Lee really seemed to enjoy it. I think I was thirsty so decided to try a Harry Brompton's Raspberry and Cucumber Alcoholic Iced Tea which was lovely and refreshing, it was lovely. I regretted not buying a little 4 pack of them.(Remember you have to be over the age of 18 to consume alcohol: Drink Responsibly). Kelly and Her Lee got a Curry and a massive Pizza with Chorizo and Mushrooms which looked nice but not my bag.

I decided I wanted to take my other sister home a treat and she loves chocolate cake and I seen the most amazing brownies from Treats Bake Shop. Bought 4 MASSIVE brownies for £9 and they are literally the best brownies I've ever had. I got a Salted Caramel (pictured), two Nutella Hazlenut and an Oreo Brownie. Absolutely amazing, have looked them up and if I'm ever in Middlewich in Cheshire I will be popping in to get some more!

As Lee doesn't like brownies, I knew exactly what to get him instead. A Black Forest cake from The Little Round Cake Company who I knew from their amazing meuringues in Selfridge's. Lee really enjoyed his cake when we got home. He ate it so quick I didn't get a chance to get a picture #greedyguts.

Our last stop was Bonny and Blithe who are a small company in South Liverpool that specialise in vintage tea wear. Me, my sisters and my mum all love a cup of tea so we all got an egg in a cup which was a vintage tea cup and saucer with an easter egg inside. My sister and my mum loved them, they made the perfect present and we are now planning to have afternoon tea at home using them. If you're from Liverpool and you love tea and vintage you need to go here!

Overall I had an amazing time and now cannot wait until the Summer Food and Drink Festival! I would definitely recommend it for all foodies! Anyone who appreciates food would have a fab time here.

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  1. Oh wow all this food looks amazing - I love food festivals!! Thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  2. Oh yum now this sounds like one delicious day out - I could definitely seem myself enjoying a food festival. x

  3. Wow, what a great day out! That waffle looks amazing!
    Laura | A Life With Frills 

  4. Oooh I've never been to a food and drink festival but I'm a huge foodie so I'd probably enjoy it.. the waffle on a stick looks so yummy! x

    HOW I WEAR | A Manchester Style & Beauty Blog

  5. oh i am a fan of food lol, in fact any food at the moment specially the look of that brownie