Sunday, 22 March 2015

Tassimo Vivy

This is the kitchen gadget I now cannot live without. The Tassimo Vivy (T12) was bought from Curry's on offer but is available to buy for £44.50. I have the White model but it is also available in Black.

I have a bad caffeine habit, I used to spend about £15 a week in Costa just on Gingerbread Latte's. This Tassimo has really helped my bank balance because a pack of 8 Latte T-Discs is only £4 - £5 and can be bought in bulk in Costco. I bought 5 packs in bulk in Costco for £20 which has been amazing.

The art of the Tassimo is that you put cold water in the tank and the T-Disc's have barcodes on which are scanned by the machine so the machine knows exactly how much water to pump through and the size of the cup suited to that drink.

The drinks take less than 3 minutes to prepare. Which is great if you need to grab a caffeine boost on the go. I got a thermal takeaway cup from Paperchase and I prepare my drink while I'm getting ready for work and it's still nice and hot for when I get in my office.

I favour the Latte's, I have tried the Hot Chocolate's but nothing really compares to my own. You put the milk disc in first and it comes out boiling hot and lovely and frothy (just like in Costa) and then you put in the Coffee Pod and then VOILA! a perfectly formed Latte! To top my Latte's off I like to add a splash of my favourite syrups usually either Vanilla or Gingerbread depending on my mood.

The Tassimo Vivy (T12) is the perfect machine for those who love coffee who don't have room for a big fancy coffee maker. Ideal for couples, students and on the goers. Affordable, easy to store and easy to use.

Tassimo T-Disc's can be purchased on the Tassimo Website in Costco in bulk and most major supermarkets. There's a vast range of beverages available suchs as Tea's, Coffee's and Hot Chocolates in such brands as Twinings, Costa, Cadbury's, Kenco and more. The T-Disc's cost between £3 and £6 per pack depending on the product.

If you're interested in Monin Syrups they can be bought on Amazon and in Major Supermarkets. Monin Syrups come in a vast range of flavours and can be the perfect accompaniment to any hot beverage.

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  1. I've been wondering about buying one of these for a while. I have a bit of a thing for Costa coffee! Shame about the calories!

  2. I've got a Tassimo too, and I do love it! Need to stock up on those disks now!