Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Wet Brush

I've been a fan of The Wet Brush for over a year now. I got sent one the other week because I lost my other one that I reviewed on my old blog but I want to write about this new one here. This new brush is a bit different compared to my last brush. The first noticeable difference is the color, this metallic pink is a lovely colour and really girly which I love. I feel like the handle has been made a little wider which is a pro because it makes it easier to grip.

The Wet Brush is an amazing hairbrush with Intelliflex Bristles and Soft Tips for gentle styling.

The bristles are amazing especially if you're prone to tangled hair like I am. The are thin,strong and flexible which gently work their way through hair. Whether wet or dry, these bristles can work their way through the most stubborn of tangles without pulling or hurting your head which is why I do recommend these brushes for people with little ones who love swimming. This is the perfect brush for holidays.

The soft tips help aide the prevention of hair loss and I notice that they really massage the scalp. I could literally sit and brush my hair for hours with this brush because I love the way it treats my scalp. It is exactly what it says "Gentle Styling". It's so lovely to use and I think it would be an ideal brush for anyone with a sensitive scalp prone to head soreness.

With The Wet Brush boasting no tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping, I can personally tell you that all these promises are upheld in this brush. Until the opportunity arose to review this metallic pink brush I would have happily bought another because it's an amazing brush and even if this brush would have cost me a lot I wouldn't care because of how great it is, the fact it's not going to break the bank is just another positive for this fantastic product.

This product is one of the strongest competitors for the well known "Tangle Teezer".

The Wet Brush can be bought online at Sally Express for £8.99 available in Pink and Purple. The Wet Brush can also be bought on Amazon where it is available in a range of colours and styles which includes The Selfie Brush which I really want to try out.

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  1. I have this and it's really good. My bristles have gone a bit funny thought! x

  2. A good brush makes such a big different. I haven't tried Wet Brush before, but it seems lovely x

  3. I've been looking to get a wet brush as I love my tangle teezer but want it to be a big brush rather than the little 'brush' that it is.

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