Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pro Activ+ First 10 Days

I've been trying Pro Activ+'s 3 Step System for 10 days now and this is my first update. I've been updating the below every couple of days to tell you my progress. If you missed my first post you can catch up: here.

Day 3: 

After using Pro Activ for 3 days I haven't noticed a massive difference in the appearance of my skin. I am still quite red and blotchy but it's only day 3. The feel of my skin is a completely different story, my skin feels really soft and not as dry as it was but there's still small patches of dry skin by my eyebrows and round my nose. I can feel it getting there.

Day 5: 

I am definitely starting to feel the difference. My skin is starting to look a little less red and blotchy but I feel a lot fresher. I think now after using it for 5 days my favourite product out of the 3 step system is the Pore Targeting Treatment Facial Cream, I've been using this product by putting it on cotton pads and sweeping across my face. The amount of dirt and grime it's lifted from my pores has been amazing.

Day 7: 

Been using Pro Activ+ Daily 2 times a day morning and night for a week now and I'm starting to feel a lot more confident in my skin. There's hardly any red blotchy patches anymore and I haven't had any spots break out since I started. My skin feels soft and smooth with no dry patches anywhere. I really hope this lasts. Used the mask for the first time and it's good it felt like my skin went through a deep cleanse.

Day 10:

After using it for 10 days I am loving Pro Activ+ but I've still got a few imperfections I hope will clear up with my further use of the 3 Step System. So far I would recommend this to anyone who has uneven spot prone skin.
Happy with my progress!
My next update will be posted on the 5th April.

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  1. I have the most uneven skin :( I wish I stuck to a skin care routine more. You skin looks really clear in the photo's. x

    meimei xx

  2. Sounds good. I never know which ones to use, and seeing the transformation step by step is a great way to see. Thanks.

  3. I am glad the product is making you feel more confidant! you look great :) xx

  4. sounds like a great product which is working for you

  5. Looks like the products are doing their job. Like all these things, it's always a matter of trial and error until you find the products that are right for you, isn't it?