Sunday, 9 August 2015

Rookwood Bar & 'Cue Liverpool

On our Anniversary Lee and Myself like to treat ourselves and this year was no exception. We decided to go to Rookwood Bar & 'Cue in Liverpool which opened July 2014.

For those that have read previous reviews from myself, you'll probably know that I'm a massive fan of eating meat. I'm pretty much a carnivore. When I heard about Rookwood's menu I decided that's the place we would go.

Walking in my first impression was "Oh my god, it smells amazing" but also that the decor was a bit ummm "woody" haha, there was just loads of wood everywhere and there was a backroom which looked like a Container that they haul on the back of wagons. I liked it! It was different but different is good.

We got sat down by one of the friendliest guys I've ever met and he handed us menus and drinks menu too. It was no holds barred so we were ordering whatever the hell we wanted. We ordered our drinks first - I got a Frozen Redberry Margarita which had a massive measure of tequila in and Lee got a Pint of Erdinger (it's German, 5.3% or something, I'm no good with Beers), well mine was delicious and very sweet.


For Starters I'd heard people rave on about Rookwood's Sticky Board, it was £19.50 so it was a bit on the pricey side to what we usually order but as I said "No Holds Barred" so we ordered it not exactly knowing what to expect because we hadn't actually seen it in real life only on pictures and Dear Lord it was HUGE! It could have easily fed 4 people for about a week with the amount of stuff on it. Beef Short Ribs, Baby Back Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings, Pulled Pork, Belly Pork, Chilli and House 'slaw. AGGHHHH SO MUCH FOOD WHERE DO I START!! Ok the Baby Backs and the Wings were obviously a winner on this board they were delicious. I think I would only order this again if there was maybe 4 adults eating because there is so much on it, I ended up struggling with my main.

For mains we both opted for burgers again (I know I shock you all). I got the Mother Clucker 2.0 which was Chicken, Bacon, Cheese and Chipotle Mayo. It was lovely, I could not eat it all though. I've had better chicken burgers but this was good, the flavours were great together. Lee got "The Fat Spanish Waiter" - Beef Patty, Chorizo Sausage, Manchego Cheese, Serrano Ham, Chopped Garlic, Fried Onions and Chipotle Mayo. He loved it, he said the range of flavours worked well together and it really was something different but food. The burgers are served with Beef Drippin' Fries - they are really delicious and flavoursome.

We decided to get another cocktail rather than get a dessert. I opted for the classic Mojito and Lee got a house special - Hawaiian Iced Tea made with Midori, Malibu, Archers and Orange Liqueur topped with Lilt. He absolutely loved it, he loved it so much that he bought stuff to try and make it at home.  

Overall my experience at Rookwood was good. I did really enjoy my meal but I think the winners of my experience there was the Sticky Board and the Cocktails. I'd go in here before a night out and order the sticky board just to pick at and I'd rather try more cocktails because they all looked amazing. I wanna try the Candy Floss Sour! The thing which really made the experience great was the staff, they work really hard to make their customers happy and they are so friendly.

Rookwood Bar & 'Cue can be found on Back Colquitt Street, by St Peter's Square in Liverpool. It's round the corner from FACT Cinema and if you're going to see a film there then keep an eye on their Facebook because they sometimes do deals!

Rookwood Bar & 'Cue

All opinions are my own and all food and drink were bought with my own and Lee's money. 


  1. Hi sweet, Sorry to barge in on your site but I was googling myself and found your picture for one of my articles.
    If you type in "The Creative Fitness Channel" into images your face pops up with my discover ways instagram can help you lose weight post. Don't suppose you know why? - I've asked other bloggers and they can't understand what's happening.

    Not to panic you! Just wondering is all - Your photos are gorgeous! :)

    1. I commented on that post so that might be why. :-) Thanks though