Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Free State Kitchen Liverpool

This week I have been working until 9pm and I had today as a rest day. I've not really seen much of Lee so we decided to have a date night. I've been wanting to try Free State Kitchen for ages! I have heard nothing but good things about FSK and the main part of their menu is...wait for it....wanna guess?....ahhh ok. Burgers! And we love Burgers as you know. 

Free State Kitchen is hidden away in Maryland Street just off Hope Street by the Everyman. It definitely is a little gem which even though it's tucked down a little street has a hell of a lot of hype and I believe it does really well. 

Walking into FSK it's really cool, it's very 60's I think and I love it. It would have been nicer if the sun was shining because their garden is beautiful. It's very clear there's an American influence.


Our server was lovely she came over and took our drink orders. FSK have American Soda's on their drinks menu. Lee had a Pepsi Wild Cherry, which is amazing but I decided to go for a Coca Cola out of a glass bottle, it's how it's meant to be served. 

I was kind of umming and ahhing over whether to get a burger or a hot dog but I decided the burger was the smart choice. Their menu has a great deal of choice on it. It was probably the best choice. Lee got a Double Deluxe Burger and I got the American Cheeseburger with Baconnaise. I have one word: Delicious! I proper couldn't get over it. The burgers were cooked to perfection, they were so juicy and lovely. They were a little messy but it's all worth it. If you go in I would ask for extra napkins. I have never had Baconnaise before but I cannot wait to have it again. 

I wish I would have had room to have a dessert, there was an Oreo Cheesecake on the specials menu which I would have loved to try. The burgers were so filling though.

Overall, FSK has a really good atmosphere and I think if it was a sunny day the place would have been buzzing. It was really clean. The staff and the service was lovely. It's definitely a place I would be more than happy to visit again. 

Free State Kitchen will be attending Liverpool Food and Drink Festival and are on the list for Independent Liverpool - The card which offers deals in restaurants all over Liverpool 

Free State Kitchen, 1 Maryland Street, Liverpool 

*food was purchased by myself and all opinions given are my own. 


  1. This place sounds great, love the sound of the 60s theme. Shame you didn't have room for dessert, the Oreo cheesecake sounds amazing!!

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

  2. Oreo cheesecake does sound amazing although the portions are pretty big so I can see how you didn't have space - good to know it's a place worth visiting

    Laura x