Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Snow Fairy!

One of my favourite parts of this time of year is all the new stuff that Lush bring out. One of these being Snow Fairy Shower Gel which I adore.

Snow Fairy is like childhood memories wrapped in a million sparkles. This pink concoction smells exactly like it's come out of an old timey sweet shop with strawberry bon bons coming to mind. It's a limited edition and only available around Christmas time. I bought myself some and I've asked for some for Christmas. It's no longer available online but can be bought in stores for a limited time only and the price ranges depending on which size bottle you get.

A little bit makes lots of lovely bubbles and there's a little sheen of glitter in the gel which doesn't transfer onto skin but it makes all the bubbles shimmer like diamonds. It's just a really lovely product, it's probably my second favourite Lush product after Rock Star soap. I just felt I really needed to share this with you before it disappears until Winter 2015.

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