Friday, 12 December 2014

Our Christmas Day Out

After booking tickets for Ross Noble for the 11th December me and Lee decided to take two days off from work and make the most of it being all Christmassy.

Thursday morning we got the bus, yes a bus (those who know me know I'm not one for public transport after many a mishap a few years ago), up to the train station and took the train to Ormskirk. 

In Ormskirk, we went to new restaurant called Salt & Liquor, a place we have wanted to visit this since we first heard it was opening earlier on this year. My first impression walking in was just like "whoa, very hipster" it's definitely aiming it's demographic toward 18 - 30 year olds, even though when we walked in (even though it was a Thursday afternoon) there were a few people there older than this demographic that seemed to be enjoying their meals. Now I want to do a full review of this place, but we were cold and hungry by the time we got there so we just dug in!

The decor is lots of exposed brick walls with dark wooden floors with some oddities hung up on the walls. The tables and chairs feel like going back to school with mis-matched furniture which just adds to the hipster-vibe of the place. There wasn't a theme going on but I did like it. 

Onto the food. We ordered: 
  • Deep Fried Belly Pork Bites
  • Corn Dogs
  • Salt & Liquor Burrito from the Express Lunch Menu (Served between 11am-4pm)
  • Double Bacon and Cheese Burger
Now as I said we were starving so only managed to get a few pics and only 2 of the food. One thing I will say before I write about the food is that our server was the new boy and missed off a few things off our order but the manager rectified it within minutes making the burger and a round of drinks free, which do show the hospitality of the place. And all the staff in there were so lovely and friendly, one of the main reasons why I want to go back.

The food was pretty good, it's definitely our type of place to go to eat. As I said we want to go back when of a night when we are prepared for a full on feast. The Street Eats (Belly Pork and Corn Dogs) were just amazing, they are definitely a winner. My standards of Corn Dogs are set extremely high due to my love of American Food and these definitely lived up to my expectations, they were lovely. My burrito and fries from the Express Lunch Menu was an amazing deal at just £6, the burrito was stuffed with Pulled Pork lots of cheese, guac, sour cream, salsa and rice with a serving of fries on the side. It was amazing, I even said to Lee "I am stuffed, just like that burrito", Lee had a Burger which just looked amazing, he tucked in before I got a chance to get a picture. It was a homemade beef burger on a Brioche Bun with crispy smoked bacon, chilli cheese, cheddar and lettuce, beef tomato and pickle. You don't get a side order with it but you can choose extras from the menu. 

There is lots of choice if you love different types of draft and craft drinks. Lee got a Strawberry Beer and I just got a coke because I'm just a bit boring. 

When we go back we know we want to try some more street eats, nachos, loaded fries, wings, ribs and the desserts. This is definitely a place we will recommend. 

Salt & Liquor is situated right by Ormskirk Train Station, which is about 25 mins on the train from Central Liverpool. There is parking nearby behind Ormskirk Town Centre. Price Range is £-££ dependant on when you go. It's perfect if you go to Edge Hill University and have a break between lectures because it's cheap and quick from the Express Lunch Menu. A copy of their menu and pictures of their amazing food is available on their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

Onwards from Salt & Liquor we went to the new Wetherspoon's in Ormskirk, the Court Leet. It's a beautiful new and MASSIVE building. Lee got a Pilsner of Erdinger and I got a Strawberry Daquiri (YUM) I love the Wether's because it's a great place to go if you're looking for a cheap night out or an afternoon drink. 

We then took the train into Liverpool and walked through the Christmas Market. Now I love Liverpool at Christmas, it's beautiful with all the lights and there is just a great atmosphere all around. 

We weren't there to shop but there was one market stall I couldn't just walk past. The fudge stand, last year my sister bought this amazing fudge from this stand and it was just like heaven. I went for 5 bars for £10 and we got Red Velvet, Chocolate Orange, Salted Caramel, Mint Choc and Rocky Road. I can't wait to try the Red Velvet. We also stopped by the Custom Cupcake Company which is a cupcake shop which specialises in over 100 different flavours of cupcakes. We went for a Twix and a Red Velvet (of course!) they were £2 each and they very, very yummy. 

Before we went to go and see Ross, we stopped by Revolution in St Peter's Square in Liverpool, it's one of my fave Rev's to go to. We got a Swedish Pirate Jug which is Rum, Malibu, Chambord, Orange Juice and it's all topped off with a Mango & Raspberry Rekorderlig Served over ice in a Copper Jug. It was very alcoholicy, but I did love it. Lee loved it too and he's not normal a cocktail drinker. 

Finally on to the main attraction. Ross Noble in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic! I've been a fan of Ross' since I was about 16 with one of my college friends lending me Sonic Waffle. This was the second time I have seen him live and as last time I was completely in awe. He was amazing, he's the type of comedian who interacts with his audience and every show is completely different. My face was aching from laughing sooo much. From making jokes about an over sexualised half kestral-half human woman who's laugh very much duplicated the sounds of the predatorial bird to talking about his 2 daughters, he is very much the doting dad and very proud of his youngest's "mentalness" and his eldest's likeness to his wife. He also talked about the charity, of which he is an Ambassador, Riders For Health. It's a charity which funds the restoration of off road vehicles which are made into emergency vehicles which can reach places further than ambulances in Africa, all of the proceeds from his merch being sold were going towards this charity with the government matching all donations raised up until Christmas, so we got a Tee for Lee and another Signed Poster for me. Another amazing show Ross, I can't wait to see you again! 

I had an amazing Christmassy day out in Ormskirk and Liverpool. I was sooo tired when I came home and so was Lee, we just crashed and slept in which shows how amazing and fulfilled our day was. I can't wait for our next day like this. 

Liverpool is a GREAT Christmas day out for Adults and Children a like with shopping, bars and restaurants for the Adults. The Liverpool ONE Ice Festival has so much fun to be had for the little ones with rides, fair games and an ice rink it's the perfect day out to be had by all. 

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  1. Wow sounds like a brilliant day, love the cupcakes they look delicious. Ross Noble is hilarious too, I don't think I could see him live, not sure I could handle having hysterics in public :)

  2. looks like you had a lovely day out and that restaurant looks ammmazing x

  3. Sounds like a lovely day out. Restaraunt looks fab too- I did teacher training at Edge Hill and would never have put a place like that in Ormskirk :) x x

  4. Ahh so jealous you went to see Ross Noble! Sounds like a perfect little outing :) and I love the Christmas lights and tree! x
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  5. Oh come on!!! You want to kill me with those cupcakes right?!
    Super wish I could have some! YUM!!!

  6. You know I think I'm really a hipster in a non-hipster shell because this place looks amazing and I totally love the hipster qualities it has. Great review lovely.

    Hugs Michelle ||

  7. I'm drooling over your dinner and your fudge! Sounds like you had a really lovely day x

  8. Looks like such a wonderful festive day out, the custom cupcakes look delicious!!