Monday, 24 November 2014

Welcome to Wonderland

Hi, I'm Kate. This is going to be my first proper attempt at a solo blog, I am also part of a group beauty blog called The Beauty Hot Squad which is focused mainly on Beauty (well, obvs). But, I've decided to take things in my own hands and talk about all the things that interest me which is why this blog won't fit into one particular category because I want it to be about many different topics; life, beauty, books, movies, travel, technology. I suppose before I start I should let you get to know me a little more.

Name:  Kate Hurn
Age: 24 
Location: Liverpool

I work in a Call Centre in Bootle. I do like my job most of the time and get to speak to some really interesting people. My motto in life is "Go big or go home, don't do things by halves". Which is why I believe I have such an addictive personality. I have a few obsessions in my life one of them being Disney, I currently own every single Disney Animated Classic to date a long with a few collectibles. I'm obsessed with America and all things American, my favourite place in America has to be Vegas. I love to eat, especially Mexican Food with my fave being Chicken Quesadillas. Like any girl, I love to shop. My favourite recent purchase has to be my new Ugg Boots. I live at home with my Mum, Dad and my 2 sisters Kelly and Sarah. We are a really close family and spend a hell of a lot of time together. I have a boyfriend called Lee who is also my main travelling companion and over the last 6 and a half years we have visited many different places. My next adventure in life is next year when I go back to Florida after 8 years, I'm sooo excited. 

That's it for now really. Keep an eye out for my first post very soon! 

Thanks for reading:

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