Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday Madness

I just don't get it. Now I understand a good few things in this world like Red means stop and Green means go, but I can't understand the madness that is Black Friday. 

I'm not going to say I haven't been succumbed to the deals of Black Friday, I have. I got some Christmas presents that I actually knew I wanted to get and I would have got them full price anyway but I got a deal. What I really don't get is people going stark bonkers crazy over things they never intended to buy until they saw it was 30% off. I've seen videos and vines of grown men ramming trolleys into other adults to pick up tellys, women screaming at each other over the last George Foreman Grill. 

I got a Chromecast with 30% off (I'm still not 100% on what this even does) and a PS4 controller £15 cheaper than RRP, so I'm happy with the deals I got but can't believe the fuss it took me to get them. I also got a pair of K Swiss Trainers from Amazon's lead up to Black Friday Lightning Deals got them for £19.99 with only 10 mins left on the deal, I was pretty lucky with that one!

Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain, I live to shop, it's my favourite past time but I wouldn't go to the shops and belt people out of the way to get what I want.  What really does make me laugh though is that Black Friday is traditionally an American custom and they are worse than us, they spend the Thursday giving thanks for all they have got and on Friday that "thanks" just sort of gets forgotten and they turn into bargain wanting monsters. I think this is the way Britain's going. 

I want to put this out there who thinks if Black Friday is going to become a regular thing over here then we should get the day before off too to eat loads of food and get ready for the sales! Who's with me? 

But I know that even some of you are truly embracing Black Friday and as a treat here are some discount codes from some fashion retailers (courtesy of Hot Deals UK):

50% off
Starts Thursday, ends Friday

30% off and free delivery
No code
Starts on Friday, ends on Monday

20% off
Starts Thursday, ends Monday

20% off
Starts Friday, ends Monday

20% off
Starts Friday, ends Tuesday

River Island
20% off everything from 11am-3pm on Friday

French Connection
30% off
Starts today, ends Friday

40% off
Starts Friday, ends Monday

Up to 50% off selected lines
Starts Thursday, ends Monday

Urban Outfitters
Up to 50% off
Friday only

30% off everything
No code
Starts Friday

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  1. I succumbed and bought a handbag from my favourite retailer Nica... But I'm not planned enough to be buying my Xmas pressies today. We're also doing food hampers for most of our gifts, so probably not worth looking today. Lol. I quite like shopping in store, not really an internet girl (I don't trust Yodel!) but the crazy in store-ness puts me off heading in to town!

  2. I've got a few bargains this morning from New Look and Amazon so pretty happy. But the clips of people in Tesco and Asda are just plain mind boggling.


  3. I haven't sucummed as yet. I've been looking at the cray cray video's of tescos and makes me want to avoid all shops forever more!!

  4. I bought all my presents weeks ago and luckily didn't have to go through the stress. The thing that gets me is did those people who ended up in hospital or jail, really need those presents?

  5. There is a lot of nice savings around. Have to love Black Friday!

  6. I got a good deal at the Body Shop today. I wanted a shaving kit for Naythie that was £25 and if you spent £50 today you got half off, so I got the shaving kit AND loads of other stocking fillers and a treat for me. That's a win in my book :D

    We should definitely have some sort of bank holiday on the Thursday if Black Friday is gonna be a regular thing over here.

    Louise xxx

  7. The madness yesterday was ridiculous! And all the retailers are rubbing their hands in glee while people fight over TVs. Madness!! Not sure where it came from so suddenly but makes the Boxing Day sales look so tame!! x x x