Thursday, 1 January 2015

Silver Jewellery Cleaning

Now I own quite a lot of jewellery by Thomas Sabo and it's really important to take care of it. I have quite a lot so I only get a chance to do it every so often. So when I do it, it's important I take my time to make them sparkle.

The way I do this is use Goddard's Silver Dip. I've used this to clean my silver for years and years. One down point though, it properly stinks! I didn't want to say this word but it's kind of farty but my gosh does it work amazingly! I would recommend this for anyone with solid sterling silver jewellery because even if the silver is going black (which it does when it's been exposed to heat and direct light for too long) it cuts straight through tarnish which is well worth enduring the smell. Now I know some people say they have "home-made cleaners", tried 'em, they are no use! Goddard's is about £2.50 in most major supermarkets and the jar lasts me well over a year.

The tools you need to clean is a small glass, a spoon, some kitchen roll and if you have one - a tiny eyeshadow sponge (I used to have one of these but it's gone missing but it's perfect for cleaning silver which also has enamel on it..I'll get to that in a bit.) and some handwash for after all this has been done.

First off I detached my charms from my bracelets as each charm has a different amount of cleaning needed so I'll usually do the ones that need less cleaning first and the ones that need more attention to the last.

I pour a small amount of the dip in the small glass as the jar is quite large so it's harder to fish the charms out so I put it in the glass and then just chuck the charms in and then the bracelets and necklace (which I fish out last). The solid silver ones usually take less than a minute. Whilst in the dip I give it a little swish and then I fish them out using the spoon and rinse them off and dry them with a piece of kitchen roll to absorb any excess dip.

With my enamel charms I dip some of the kitchen roll into the Silver Dip and carefully dab round the enamel to clean the silver. This is important as the Silver Dip can remove the enamel. It is a lot easier if you've got a eye shadow sponge applicator as it can get the trickier parts of the charms.

There you have it, after attaching all my charms back, I then use my Thomas Sabo Jewellery Box to keep them safe. I used to always have a bad habit of leaving my bracelets on the table and in front of the telly which is bad so this box keeps my bracelets and charms away from anything that may make them rotten.

Do you have any tips for cleaning and storing your jewellery? I would really love to know how to keep White Gold clean as I have a ring I always wear which is looking quite dull. 

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  1. Ooh you've got some great tips that I'm going to use in the future. I don't clean my jewellery very often which is really bad! xo

  2. Great tips, thanks for sharing. I own a lot of silver jewellery as well but never know what to clean it with x

  3. great advice and tips here, i never clean my jewellery so good to know

  4. aww great tips my poor old silver could do with a shine, good to know x